Services range from assisted self-publishing (non-fiction) to fixed-price marketing consultancy. I’ll help you write press releases and information sheets, as well as work up a detailed marketing plan. Perhaps your publisher might pay for this service.

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The best of both worlds. Maintain control of your book’s production process, while gaining access to nationwide distribution.

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Perhaps you’re a smaller publisher who’d like help with your authors’ sales & publicity materials and marketing plans.

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Susanne is an excellent advisor, carer of text and works tirelessly for the author.’ – Don Shaw, BAFTA Winning Screenwriter

  • Are you a non-fiction author or organisation looking for a tailored service that’s directed to your needs?
  • Would you like your book to be edited and produced to the highest publishing standards?
  • Would you like UK distribution and realistic advice on how to sell and market your book?

I’m a former non-fiction book publishing director who’s also worked in marketing. I offer a complete bespoke and transparent self-publishing service to authors and organisations who wish to keep control of the publishing process.

I will help you publish across your choice of format, including hardback, paperback, Print on Demand (POD) and ebook. You’ll retain all rights to your book.

Some publishing services don’t have the ability to place books in front of general readers but my distributor, Central Books, supplies UK bookshops and wholesalers.

Bear in mind that distribution offers access to, rather than a guarantee of, sales.

Five reasons to consider my services

Susanne Lumsden has been the publisher for my three books: The Coburg Conspiracy (2008), Retribution (2013), and The Gods Divided (2017). I could not have chosen a better person to work with.  She has advised me throughout the process from the first draft to the published book, including (for Retribution) advice on the script, the storyline and characters. In her professional capacity she has selected various editors, proofreaders, designers for the jacket and introductory pages, publicist and much more. If you are looking for a publisher who has intellect, organisational skills and is a calming yet decisive person to work with, you cannot do better than having Susanne Lumsden as your publisher and friend.

Richard Sotnick - Author

I wrote scripts for popular television series such as Z-cars and received BAFTAs for my Wingate trilogy of plays and Bomber Harris. Susanne has high editorial and design standards and is suited to authors who want a professional service as well as realistic advice. She also worked with me on the sales & marketing side – in fact, we sold out our hardback 2,000 print-run within a few weeks.  She subsequently negotiated the sale of paperback rights of The Hike to Ebury Publishing. She is an excellent advisor, carer of text and works tirelessly for the author. She expects to deal with those who are committed, believe they have talent and will match her standards in return. It is fun working with her. Can’t be bettered.

Don Shaw - Screenwriter and Playwright