Susanne Lumsden

I’m Susanne Lumsden, former non-fiction director of Faber & Faber and founder of Publishing Services. I’ve published authors such as Robert Harris, Maggie Gee, Raj Persaud, Roger Scruton and Michael Mosley. I’ve also worked for a short-lived start-up (my own).

I’ve a BA in English Literature from Oxford and an MBA from London Business School.

I’ve handled book marketing and publicity campaigns – the late Michael Winner was a repeat client – as well as marketing seminars for The Society of Authors (‘How to Sell More Copies of Your Book’).

I spent a few years in Shropshire, where, in addition to taking courses in digital marketing, I learned how to market country events. I also organised a charity fundraiser, 'The Henley Event', that the local MP called ‘The best and most significant charity fund-raising event since I was elected in 2005’.

Taken together, my experience means that you can be confident that I know how to make the business of publishing work for you.

Above all, you won’t be buying an off-the-shelf package but a bespoke service.

Five Reasons to Consider My Publishing Services

1. Access to mainstream book distribution services through my distributor Central Books.

Remember that distribution alone does not imply sales.

2. Rigorous editing

I’m used to adapting text for mainstream audiences. I’ll write your first editorial report and a sample edit, then appoint and oversee my team of editors and proofreaders for subsequent stages. I try to follow George Orwell’s dictum ‘If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’

3. Job-specific freelancers

Because each book requires an individual approach, I commission, rather than employ, freelance editorial, design and publicity specialists. I charge their work to you at cost. Members of my freelance team have extensive experience of mainstream publishing, not just the self-publishing sector.

4. Advice on writing for the web and social media

Find out more at about writing for the web at www.improveyourwebsite.co.uk

5. Realism

I won’t make unrealistic promises about the likely success of your book. Instead, I’ll be honest about what we might achieve.