I help authors and organisations publish quality non-fiction books.

My service is aimed at those who wish to:

  • control the quality of their publication (editing, design, typesetting and print)
  • receive the full revenue from book sales, and
  • secure targeted media coverage.

I’m not afraid of controversial topics, as long as there’s an intellectual underpinning.

A book may fall below the sales threshold that publishing houses require these days, but still have the potential to sell over time. My services are ideally suited to authors and organisations who have their own networks to springboard sales and/or publicity and who share my standards.

I take on a maximum of five books a year. This cap is to allow me to give your book the attention it deserves. 

Each book is unique so I quote on a book-by-book basis, rather than offering fixed packages. My project-management fee is shown separately to supplier costs.

Here are some of the aspects I’d cover:

  • Identify aims, including:
    • Target market
    • Format/s (hardback, paperback, POD and/or ebook)
    • Prices
    • Production spec/s
    • Marketing (including online requirements) 
    • Distribution
    • Timing
    • Budget
  • Set realistic targets
  • Prepare a structural report + sample edit
  • Edit again if required ahead of appointing freelance editors for line- and copy-editing, proofreading and collating of corrections
  • Draft jacket/cover copy for your approval — ideally this would include endorsement quotes
  • Arrange isbn/s and barcode/s
  • Commission a designer to prepare visuals
  • Select the best visual and help work this up — the cover/jacket designer will also produce thumbnail images for use online
  • Commission an inside-page designer, typesetter and printer
  • Agree any extras, such as an indexer and/or picture researcher
  • Produce marketing materials such as a press release, book information sheet (if selling to bookshops), and any promotional materials such as flyers or adverts
  • Review your current online activity including your website
  • Work with you to produce a detailed marketing plan 
  • Identify your top targets
  • Commission an external publicist to implement the publicity elements of the plan
Sales & distribution
  • Identify sales outlets and pitch to them
  • Agree distribution channels
Monitor & review
  • Review progress